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You're the next big thing. Having the hottest service in town isn't enough. You've to earn your user's confidence. Imagine a company whose services are designed around how you manage and improve your user's experiences. Yup, that's what we do. Welcome to the #SimplicityRevolution.

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what you thought was user experience, forget it.

welcome to user experience redefined.

At cogneto.io we believe user experience is more than how pixels are placed. We believe it's about how people feel using a service, end-to-end. It's our mission to empower as many people as possible with being able to create awesome user experiences that help drive revenue growth and retention.

#SimplicityRevolution: Simple is beautiful. Simple is powerful. Simple sells.

confidence is part of user experience.

Bring confidence to how people feel using your services and apps. Bring them cogneto.io.

statushub powers your uptime and availabilty communications with ease

stillalive monitors your online services how your customers use them

pointdns manages your dns records with ease and power

smasher.io tests how your service works for your users through intelligence.

twist.io tells the right person in your team when something important happens.

we make you world class


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using cogneto services, we become part of your team to help you succeed and deliver world class customer experience.

Paul Lynch, chairman

Paul Lynch

Chairman & CEO
David Farrell, Customer Care Team Leader

David Farrell

Head of Customer Care

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Cogneto is about experience. You want to give your users a great, consistent experience. Great experiences mean repeat sales and customer loyalty.

  • We believe user experience can drive revenue generation
  • We live by the #SimplicityRevolution mantra
  • We want to help get as many people as possible passionate about creating great user experiences

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our simplicity revolution services

power up your web application experiences


make status pages easy
from $49/mo
  • api integrations
  • single channel comms
  • user confidence boost
  • user notifications
  • reduce support calls


world's easiest dns management
from $25/mo
  • global dns servers
  • google apps friendly
  • user friendly interface
  • email forwarding
  • api integrations


app monitoring made easy
from $39/mo
  • ecommerce checking
  • unlimited alerts
  • user flow monitoring
  • scheduling
  • ssl support

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